Sharon Mann is one fit mommy!

Today’s fit mommy is Sharon Mann. Back before I had kids, I used to turn onFit TV and sweat with Sharon. I had a girl crush on her. :)

I then moved, had some kids and forgot all about Fit TV until a few months ago when I rediscovered Sharon. When I read that she also has 3 little boys I just knew that I had to feature her as “One Fit Mommy”! She makes the time to get it done and never fails to deliver an awesome workout!

Please read on for more about Sharon and why she is definitely “One Fit Mommy” and enter to win her Body Sculpting DVD !

Q: What inspired you to live a fit lifestyle?

I was very active as a child ! I played baseball , on the track team in school , enjoyed swimming , skating and gymnastics . I have two older brothers who I always played sports with and we would run at our local track – racing each other !! I started training for competitive aerobics when I was 18 and really got the bug for training hard at that point .

Q: What advice do you have for moms who claim they don’t have time for exercise?

Make it a priority … like brushing your teeth. Set  time aside everyday that includes physical activity – this could be with the kids or on your own . If mornings work the best for you – do it then / include another mom or a group of moms . Plan get togethers around working out – game of family soccer ….. then dinner. If your kids are small , in a snuggly and go for a hike . When my kids were small , I would squeeze exercise in any chance I could – running our stairs at home , core work on a stability ball while they played – push ups anytime / anywhere !! I did many hours of running with them sleeping in the jogger ( nap time for them )

Q: Did you have to change your training/workouts once you became a mom?
I became very good at time management and my workouts became more intense because I realized I didn’t have as much time. But I also have great opportunities to do active stuff with the family that we all love .

Q: What is your favorite exercise and why?
This changes all the time ! I just got a new bike …… so I absolutely loving being on the road riding , fresh air, big hills and spending time with my family. I teach 8 classes a week ( group exercise ) and I’m having tons of fun in my athletic core class – that’s a combination of kickboxing / weight training / athletic drills – intervals and core work .

Q: Do you have any mental tricks that you use when you just don’t feel like working out?

Good question! I have several tricks – playing my favorite music usually gets me in the mood for a good workout, call one of my keen workout friends, download some new music for class is a good one. If all fails – a shot of espresso ……. and I just do it !!

Q: What is your favorite snack food?

I love anything that gives me energy ….. so I tend to snack on goji berries and dark chocolate chips . I make this really great energy bar with oats / seeds / wheat germ / dried fruit and almonds that is great for kids too . I love foods that make me feel good ! protein shake – using Vega protein / frozen berries and yogurt – yum !!

Thank you Sharon for being an inspiration to all!

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Sharon Mann @InShapeSharonHope to see you there fitness friends! ❤️