Shape Up “Yoga & Pilates” With Sharon


Yoga & Pilates

Product Description

Sharon Mann, personal fitness trainer and four-time National Aerobics Champion designs all of her workout regiments to achieve ultimate results. She is trained in many fitness arenas including Circuit Training, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, muscle conditioning, step aerobics and more.

Blending contemporary and cutting edge techniques of Pilates with effective Yoga methods, Shape Up With Sharon offers the best training tips and most useful information to enhance your workout.

With today’s busy lifestyle, the advantages of combining Yoga with Pilates are endless. Reducing stress, toning and shaping muscles, improving your flexibility and increasing your stamina are just a few of the many benefits this DVD has to offer.

Joining Sharon is a team of very powerful athletes who will show modifications for all movements that can be done at all three different levels – beginner, intermediate and advance.


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